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sakuraiba - Mark You
Title : Mark You
Pairing : SakuraIba
Rating : PG-13?
Disclaimer : Nope, even the picture wasnt mine *sigh
Length : Drabble (finally a drabble XD)
Author Note : another one from my CampNanowrimo, this is based on the picture of a puppy who didnt want to kiss Aiba in Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen, for my beloved lianoyume sorry it took a long time for me to make this and thank you for always keeing up with me #chu <3, for my first reader shimau thank you as always dear <3

“Tadaima~” Sho heard his lover shouted voice from the front door.

“Okaeri~” Sho shouted back from his current place, their bedroom. He heard Aiba loud sigh before something that suspiciously sound like his lover falling into the sofa echoed in the house. Sho put down his evening newspaper and put it beside the bedside table, before he walk to the living room.

“Aarrrghhhhhh~” Aiba groaned ruffling his own hair in progress. His head laying helplessly in the couch with eyes that close tightly. “Aaarrrrrgghhhh why?” he wailed in despair.

Sho chuckled and making his way to sit beside the taller man. From this close Sho can smell Aiba’s odour, and let him know that Aiba has been followed his request obediently, to not having a bath in the morning before he went to shooting. Sho inhale deeply taking as much as smell that he can get, those sweet smell that only Aiba had it, (he can said it due to vast experience of hugging another member and also much other man, but not one of them had the smell that had the calming effect like Aiba).

“Whats wrong?” Sho asked from somewhere in the curve of Aiba’s neck, he didn't really know he ended at that place but he didn't have any intention of moving away.

“The pup —” Aiba whined unconsciously titling his head to give Sho more space, making Sho smile as his gratitude.

“Hummm.” Sho inhale some more in content, “What’s wrong with the pup?”

“He wont kiss me.”

“Humm …”

“I put him right in front of my face but he wont kiss me!”

“Hummm …”

“Sho-chan did you hear me?” Aiba annoyed because of his lack of answer. Aiba tried to move but Sho’s hand suddenly there around his body trap him in place.

“Stay.” Sho said firmly, and loosen up his grip when he felt Aiba relaxed. “I did hear you sweetheart. There a pup don't want to kiss you right?”

“Yes! Why the pup didn't want to kiss me? Why Sho-chan? Why?” Aiba gave another deep sigh. Sho cant help but wonder how cute his lover is, he really think that there no one out there will be so despair just because a pup wouldn't kiss them. “Sho-chan you don't hear me~”

“I did I did, I hear every words you said clearly.” Sho tighten his grip once again. “In fact I do know the reason for it.” He smirked.

“You do?”

“Yes,” He stated “You really want to know why?”

Aiba only able to nod because at that time Sho decide to make a broad long lick from the juncture of his neck and ended it behind his earlobe tasting the sweet salty skin before he gently bite the earlobe playfully.

“Okay then, come on!” Sho abruptly stand up pulling Aiba with him before drag the man to their bathroom, where he push Aiba to the nearest wall opposite of the mirror, he roughly pull out his shirt and throw it away.

“Sh-sho-sho-chan?” Aiba whispered gulping down his saliva, seeing Sho eyes focus on his body and lick his lips slowly.

“Hmm?” Sho gave an answer without bothering to look at his face.

“I thought you would tell me the reason —“

“I did and I’m seeing the reason now.” Sho give Aiba a smirk and kissed the shock man softly before stepping out and let Aiba see his own reflection in the mirror.

And there Aiba see it, a huge purple-ish marks almost everywhere, near his collarbone, next right to his nipples and many other places. He didn't had the chance to look at it before, since Sho forbid him to get bath before he took his leave. No wonder that the girl in charge of his costume was turning into shade of pink when she handed him his change clothes.

“Do you know that there a theory said that smaller animal wouldn't dare to get close to area where it know that belonged to bigger animal?” Sho said casually from behind Aiba, where he currently hugging the man and stare the mark that he made last night. “So I made my mark all over you, and forbid you to get bath so you still have my smell lingering on you.”

“Sho-chan did you get jealous of the puppies?” Sho pouted hearing that and Aiba gave a cheerful laugh that bounced back inside the small bathroom.

“Yes! Problem with that?” Sho countered with red face. “I didn't like if some other thing kiss what was mine.”

“But Sho-chan it just a pup” Aiba giggled.

“!” Sho stated. “Laugh some more and I’ll do you raw!” his threatened successfully shutting Aiba out. “Oh never mind it, I will still do you raw anyway.”

Whether Aiba had an argument or not about it, Sho will never know it because the next time Aiba opening his mouth, Sho lips was there taking every words that might came out from him.


Hope this is ok, comment are very welcome <3

ah it the picture by the way

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this is my favorite sakuraiba fic (。>﹏<。)
٩(♡ε♡ )۶ those marks, khuuu~

thank you so much my first reader <3 kore kara mo yoroshiku ne~

yaps those mark, and Sho will add much more in few moment after, XD

so, i'd love to read the continuation of the story when Sho add much more marks >v

'awww' indeed, they both were so cute together..

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3


I laugh!! Omo! I am not thinking about the ending....

Good job nee-chan...

because I can't think of another reason why the puppy didn't want to kiss alba , lol

thank you for reading dear <3

Waaaahhh!! Love your sakuraiba, Rii-nee san...
And that's really hurt to see Aiba didn't have kiss from puppy. And now I know the reason. XD

thank you for your fic, Rii-nee san ^ - ^

xixixixi, I haven't watch he episode actually, I just got the picture and the story from my sakuraiba biased friend XD

glad you like the story yumi-chan <3 arigatouuu

Lol, I definitely want to know what's happening after that though XD this is so cute :D

I want to writ it but I haven't (yet) write anything more than PG, so I leave the rest to your imagination XD

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

heintai da na~ sho chan wa fufufu
arigachuu i love it

yaps hentai da na Sho-chan wa~~, *or is it us? lol

thank you for giving me the idea of the story fluff, glad you like this one

arigatou #chuuu <3

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed that <3

thank you so much for reading and commenting dear <3

*lol* Sho is so silly :D But also cute!
Thanks so much for sharing this lovely fic!

yas cute who only appear if aiba involved <3

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

hahaha.. aiba get better than dog kiss.
thank you :)!

yes he got more 'marks' which of course more than just better than a dog kiss, xixixi

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

that's the reason? LOL xD

un as simple as jealousy, lol

thank you so much for reading and commenting dear <3

so Sho is the 'big animal' then? his jealousy... XD too much. but still, so cute!!!

thanks a lot for writing this :)

yes, Sho is the big animal, lol..his scent was scare the pup, XD
his jealousy really something ne~

thank you so much for reading and commenting isya-san <3

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