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ohmiya - Because You Look Just Fine
Title : Because you look just fine
Pairing : OhMiya
Rating : PG-13, a bit angst (?), Fluff (?)
Length : one shot
Warning : Un-beta-ed ,major grammar mistake
Author Note : It happended after the shooting of Arashi ni Shiyagare when the sekamuzu team was come as a guest, i dont know why but Nino seem avoid Ohchan at that episode. I write this in anger due to exhaustion, so I'm not sure how this turn out.

extra note : i just didnt watch sekamuzu no offence for Ohchan but my ohmiya heart just cant take it, lol, sorry for that

“Kazu wait for me” Ohno said tried catching his lover who walking so fast leaving him behind breathless in attempt to stop him, but soon their green room come into view and Ohno felt that it useless run in the hall like when he can just encounter him in the green room. Ohno let Nino get in first and get a loud bang when the man unconsciously closing the door used too much power and the door almost crushed him in the face.

“Kazu?” Ohno said softly opening the door slowly hoping to find his Nino seated in their unwritten-reserved couch with his usual smile and open arm waiting for him to fill it. But no, despite the usual Nino, he found him stuffing his belonging harshly to his bag. “Kazu?” he asked again feeling something was not right.

In spite of answering him, Nino kept muttering some random thing while roaming trough the green room. “Where is that stupid charger” Nino hissed and kick the nearest couch available

“Kazu” he said louder and this time he got the man attention.

“What?!” Nino scream his answer and surprising him.

“Does something is wrong?” Ohno said softly because he know there nothing good will come if he loose his temper too. He really didn't know what is the matter but Nino undoubtedly irritated about something.

“Nothing wrong with me” Nino replied sharply. “What could possibly wrong with me?” He sneered and dropping himself heavily in the chair.

“Because,” Ohno softly said and walk toward the mad man “your charger is here, right next to your bag” Ohno proofing his words by took the said charger and waving it in the air. Nino gave a small hissed eyeing the thing in hatred like it was the reason of his tormented situation. Ohno dared himself to crouch in front of Nino and cupped the man hands in his. “Whats the matter Kazu?” Ohno coaxed delicately making a small circle in the back of his hand to calm the man.

“Nothing” Nino still stubbornly said, tightening his lip to each other maybe to prevented him to speak something more.

“‘Nothing’ wouldn't explain your behaviour towards me back then in Shiyagare shooting.” Ohno speak out when he think that Nino already behave weird since the shooting begun.

“What do you mean?”

“You keep your distant with me,” Ohno still softly said but there a trace of sadness in his voice, “at the beginning I thought you didn't like the chair placement,  like me, because I didn't like it, it’s the first time we got separated in Shiyagare, and I didn't like it”

“Oh yeah? You really didn't like it?” Nino scoffed “You seem fine to me, in fact you look happier because you got some quite pretty lady seated next to you despite having old man who only know how to bully you on air.”

“Kazu what?” Ohno asked in disbelieve on how could he think of him like that, but seeing the glisten eyes Ohno anger melted just right the next second it formed. The words confirm that the weird feeling inside of him trough out the shooting like he felt something was miss something was lost wasn't just his feeling, and now he realise what it is, because his lover was not beside him and not even look at him. It was indeed because of his stupidity that he didn't realise it sooner, and it took an angry Nino to make him realised. No wonder his lover get mad at him. “Kazu is it why you didn't even make an eye contact with me?”

Silent answering his question.

“Is this why you keep your distant with me?” Ohno tried again but the man still remain silent.

“Is this why you not smiling today?” he said again and he know he get the right point when Nino look directly in his eyes.

“I did smile” Nino encountered.

“Yes, you did but only when you think the camera rolling on you and even in that time the smile didn't get trough your eyes, and you said that I don't pay attention to you.” Ohno smiled stroking his lover face and felt it trembling under his touch. “Kazu please, it make me sad to see you like this” he begged.

“Don't said like you mean it when you are not.” Nino said in shaky voice. “You look happy Ohchan! You look happy, you look happy …” Nino keep chanted the words like it would explaining what inside his brain.

“No I’m not”

“You did!” Nino screamed and a drop of tear falling from his eye. “You did” Nino said again brokenly, “whenever I saw you with her in some TV program, you always look happy Ohchan, you did. Maybe you didn't realise it but I see it clearly it written in you eyes.”

“You didn't trust me?”

“It’s not that I didn't believe you. I did my best to ignore it, at first I thought you just happy because you finally getting the role that you want, but the more I saw both of you the more I loose my confident, and today when I had a change to see the evidence lies in front of me and witnessed it with my own eyes, I loose every hope that left inside of me.” Nino let his tears falling with not intention to wipe it. “So I keep my distant with you, I avoid eye contact with you to see how you would manage without me to backing you up, and you look just fine without me, you look just fine without me …” Nino voice trail off and left the pair in deep heavy silent leaving the sob from Nino to be heard

“Just say the words Satoshi, just said it and I’ll accept it.” Nino helplessly said after his tears stopping and the tears run dried, the words broke him in the inside, because they literary live in each other arms for almost 24 hours a day but how can he missed something like this, how can he missed the sadness and the doubt forming in his lover mind.

“I’ll said it, I’ll said the words” Ohno said sternly and he saw how his lover gulping and squinting his eyes close. “I love you” Ohno said pouring every feeling that he had in that three words, he realise that it been quite a long since he said the words to Nino even tough he felt like saying it with every breath that he take, but maybe Nino need something more from him.

Nino’s eyes fluttered open and shock clearly be seen in those lovely brown eyes.

“I love you Ninomiya Kazunari,” he repeated just to make sure that Nino heard him right and clear, “and it will always be you.” Ohno cupped the man face lean in to put their forehead together. “And I will said it everyday, every hour, even every minutes if I had to, to remind you over and over again that I love you.”

“Bu-bu-but …” new fresh tears falling from Nino’s eyes and Ohno lovingly wiping it clean to make room for another tears.

“I’m sorry it seem I always hurt you unconsciously, and sometime I even didn't know that you are hurt. I’m sorry if I look happy whenever I’m with her, but trust me that there are nothing between us, nothing are and nothing will. If you find that my eyes was glowing in happiness it simply because I imagine that it was you who I acted with, I cant even able to show the feeling of love if I didn't imagine that it was you to whom I speak my dialogue with.” Ohno kissed both his lover wet eyes and letting the warmth basking to him.

“So-sorry …” Nino said still fighting the sob that threaten to come out.

“No, it was me who should said it, I’m sorry. It will only be you that make me feel like I’m home, a place where I belong. Thank you for keeping up with clueless old man like me.”

Nino shaking his head slowly. “Sorry for always acting stupid,” he said in small voice that make the wight in Ohno’s heart vanish just like that.

“I love you Kazu.” Ohno stopped Nino next words with a soft loving kiss which being answered directly by his insecure lover. “Always”


“Okay then thank you for your help.” Ohno said ended his phone call.

“To whom do you talk to?” Nino asked.

“Your manager” Ohno lightly said.


“I asked him to give you a day off tomorrow so you can come along with me to my shooting location.” Ohno explained.

“What for?” Nino asked didn't get where this conversation was all about.

“Because my dear, I need to introduce my lover to my heroin. Just in case she get the wrong impression about my happiness too, so I will tell her proudly that my heart already taken by some oddly cute insecure man.”

“Ba-BAKA!” Nino shout and smack his head with a blush that creep until the tip of his ear. Ohno laughed and they return back home with hand that claps together tightly.


for yumn_yumi so how was that?

hope this is ok, comment are very welcome <3

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I have a very bad day. I am sick. And unconsiously i cry while reading this...
Too many emotion...

Otsukare, nee-chan~

an-chan I hope you get well soon ToT

i almost cried when i write this too, but luckily i'm not or this going to be angst all over the place, lol

thank you so much for commenting an-chan otsukaresama

Kyaaaaa~~~ kawaiiiiii...!!
It's cute. Ouh.. Nino-chan, trust me, I know how that feel when you feel insecure like that. Even your brain and mouth can't explain it in a good way.
I love how Ohno deal with him. He didn't lost his temper nee. He really understand Nimk afterall.. need a husband like that *eh?*
And this words, "some oddly cute insecure man" really describing Nino. Hehehe... i love how their relationship, how they can deal each other. They are so sweet and cuteeee~
As espected, I really love this too~ 💖💖💖
Thank you, really thank you for this one. And sorry for long comment, nee... hehehe... ^ - ^

thank you yumi-chan for still liking such a lame story, lol, #hugs

un insecure it hard feeling ne, no one can understand that except ourself

yaps he really a oddly cute insecure man, but ohchan love him to the moon and back, <3

thank you so much for your long comment, it made my days really <33

Yup! i understand your feeling.. i can't take it too.. (T_T) watching oh-chan in romance drama is a bit hard for me. (gomen ne oh-chan =_=)

This one is better.. Thanks for thisss!!! ^^

yaps it was too much for my ohmiya heart that why i made my own version of them, xixixi

thank you for reading and commenting dear <3

Yeah I think i understand When I watch his drama I'm like 💓💓💓 and sometimes it's just to much 🏃 Ohchan is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing! Ah can you tell me when or what chapter is it??? I'd like to watch it pls!!

i even didn't watch anything related to it, lol blame my brain for it..

sorry seem like i forgotten the episode too #bow

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

Love this!
Poor Nino feeling insecure but Ohchan is there to reassure him
Thanks for sharing!

i just love to make insecure nino #smacked# but thank God Oh-chan always there to reassure him <3

thank you so much for lovely comment <3

Jealous Nino is so sweet. I'm glad that Oh-chan knows how to calm him down. ☺

un so sweet, lucky oh-chan didn't loose his temper, and it end happy for them

thank you so much for reading dear <3

awww, so sweetttttt <3

thank you so much isya-san, I just couldn't make them separated, my heart can't take it, lol

thank you for reading dear <3

Awhh so sweet 💙💛💙💛💙💛 I love jealous insecure Kazu >\\\\<
But after all, Satoshi will be here for his Kazu right 💛💙💛💙💛💙
Thank you for cute story ">> I really love itt :">>>>

un satoshi will always be there for his kazu <3

thank you so much for reading and commenting dear <3

Nino is so jealous and insecure but Ohno is always there to reassure him
Ahhh~~~ Ohmiya is so fluffy~~

Awwwwwwwwww *eyes glistening*
You did right you old man!! For a second I want to slap you for making Nino lose his confidence and hope for your relationship with all the insecurity evidences. But I'm glad you're all okay now. :') Awwwww

Thank you~

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