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well well well well, let we see how many time has passed since the last time I post *flipping trough the calendar* owh never mind it, its sooooo long, more than 3 months I guess (since i started my vacuum when ramadhan begin and here we are in the begining of october), lol...

Sorry to take a very very very long vacuum (wait to whom do i speak to? nobody, right) so to anyone who maybe have enough empty time and decide that my current update was worthed enough to be read, I really am sorry to take your time to read this uncessary thing, and you are more than just welcome to leave by now *show the way out*, but if you insist on staying here, then here I go with my ramble..

first thing first is no, i"m not going everwhere, not even a step further from this fandom ^o^ I'm still fall from head to toe with arashi, well altough I had to admit that drarry took my time a bit (really sorry but they just to ignored), #get smacked by Jun, but no one, i reapeat, NO ONE will able to replace arashi's place in my heart..

secondly is maybe there will be no fic update in near time (or maybe in the future), because so far (in the whole vacuum time) i find no will not the idea to write, and I'm really and terribly sorry for this *deep bow*, well I do have some finished fic to be post, but i dont I said earlier, if you missed it i will gladly repeat it, i had no will for it..

the third is, not as important as the rest or not even as important as the wind that fly right next to you, but it come purely from my curiosity, do you think that i write differently in this post? or is it my brain that playing a trick on me? (and i mean it when i said i curious, it will really helpful if you took a bit time to answer)

last one is, (maybe) i will repost my fic in AO3 (which is not really matter because hey, you can read this post, that mean you also can read my fics)

so i guess that will be all, and for those who maybe will answer my question, I offer you my deepest honour..

and with that I take my leave....


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