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matsumiya - VSA with KORO-sensei
Title : VSA with KORO-sensei
Pairing : MatsuMiya
Rating : PG-13? Fluff
Disclaimer : I had one Koro-sensei stuffed doll
Length : one shot
Author Note : this is also one from my nanocamp month ^o^ based on VS Arashi vs Ansatsu Kyousitsu Graduaton team, I cant help but wonder why Jun seem to blank without Nino and also the 'Ninomiya-kun baka jyanai no?' part, Jun said it soooo soft and it make my Matsumiya heart fluttering inside, lol

Nino is sulking, no other better words to describe his lover condition right now, the way he frowning, the way he crossing his arms on his chest, the way he following every single Jun’s movement with narrowing eyes and the silent treatment that accompany him trough all the way from studio to their apartment, all of the signs showing that his lover is sulking, it wasn't the first time actually, the fact that his lover was sometimes acting childish (even tough he was slightly older than himself, and despite that the person himself denied that he was acting like that) made Jun 100% sure that he was sulking (he wanna bet 1000% but it was illogical to do so and he didn't like illogical things, so 100% was enough). The left problem only one, the reason behind of it, usually it was crystal clear was made his lover like that, but now it was as clear as the night without the moonlight.

Jun closed the door behind him silently after Nino passing the door and smoothly going to their bedroom, passing him without even taking him a second glance. Jun gave a loud sigh. He thought Nino’s happiness after won VSA games will be stay at least until the next morning, but no, the shorter man pouting as soon as they all bid good bye to the each other (because Nino follow the opponent group green room to change his own clothes), and when Nino come to Arashi green room, to find Jun loyally waited for him and went home together, Jun spotted his sulking signs.

The way Nino acted the night before and the night after the game was totally matched like the day and night. Nino was bouncing non stopping in their bed and laughing, until Jun had to trap the older man in his arms in attempt to make the man keep still, because they needed to wake up early. The way Nino giggling and shyly kissing him good night, make him sure that everything is fine. Nino’s eyes still glowing when the game began, even though it loosing it shine trough out the game (despite the fact that Nino’s team got higher score from Arashi’s). And the shine completely gone away when they all the player echoed thank you to each other.

At first he thought that maybe something is wrong when the man was in the opponent’s green room, but it proofed wrong when they met some of them and Nino still happily bid them goodbye. ‘maybe it was Arashi? Maybe Nino want them all to wait for him and congratulated him. But it was fine when Nino was in the orient express team, and no one waiting for him except me. Or maybe it was me?’ letting out a frustrated groan, and decide that it was better asking the man himself then just wandering without no answer.

Jun opened their bedroom to find the man pretending to sleep (Jun know the man still wide awake to Nino’s unconsciousness little hitch breath when he opened the door). Jun cleared his throat, and preparing his heart for the worst case, if it really was because him and he didn't realise where his mistaken was, his question will only escalate Nino’s anger.

Jun seated next to the lump and stroke the closest part to his hand, which occurs to be his back. “Kazu..” he started, but Nino make no sign of movement, “Kazu~” he started again, and this time Nino let out some fake-sleepy grumble. “Come one, I know your not sleeping” Jun coaxed the older man, but despite the escalated breath, Nino gave no other sign. “Tell me what is wrong, please” Jun wasn't the one who easily to beg but now he did, because he really want to know what is going on, and if it really was his mistake then he will definitely do whatever it take to make Nino forgive him, even though he had to buy the man some expensive game console, then be it.

“What could possibly wrong? I’m fine!” Nino voice muffled by the blanket because the man still refuse to let his guard down, but Jun sure that the man will be pouting behind those sheet.

“No, you’re not, you keep silent along the road, you keep pouting and now you even pretend to be asleep while you’re not, don't tell me you were fine! Tell me what the matter is, if it me then tell where my mistake is and I will fix it.” Jun said desperate.

“It too late to fix it now!” Nino snapped confirming that it was really his mistake.

“Kazu please speak to me” Jun tugging the blanket down and Nino reluctantly giving up, once it fully uncovered his lover face, Jun can see the cute pout forming in the face and Jun had to hold himself to not jump at him right there right now. “Please Kazu, it is what I’ve done in VSA? I cant remember a thing but I’m really sorry if I had do or said something that might hurt you.”

Jun sigh when the older man stubbornly didn't look at his direction and only looking at the window. Jun decide to do something or this can be going on forever, and they really need to go to bed right now. Jun jumped sitting down at Nino’s stomach while his legs trap the man’s body, and he put both his hand in his cheek to make the man face look at him. “Kazu look at me!” and Nino wavering his eyes before he look back at Jun with determination in his eyes.

“What?!” Nino voice sound startled maybe due to extra weight from him, but he cant care about it now (beside, Jun know that Nino capable to hold his body weight, due to fast experience they have).

“You! What is wrong with you? Tell me what did I do! Kazu please!”

“It not what you did! It what you didn't do!” Nino screamed.

“What I didn't do?” Jun confused, “But I congratulate you, I gave you an otsukaresamadeshita-hug, I gave your winning kisses, what did I didn't do?”

“The mascot.” Nino grumbled.

“The mascot?” Jun still confuse and that look like make Nino anger raise a little bit more.

“Yes, the Koro-sensei mascot! Do you know how hard is it for me to assure the filming staff to let me borrow the mascot and let it appeared on VSA? Do you know that I even had to made promise that I will pay if there were even a slightest damage at the mascot? Do you know how hard for me to beg for it? And do you have any idea for whom I did all of that?” Nino screamed in one breath make his breath going rage.

“Me?” Jun said unsure, but in his back of his mind he know that it was for him because his love for mascot was public secret. And Jun can’t help but felt touch on what his lover trying to do for him. “Kazu..” Jun said softly but Nino too angry to let him speak.

“Yes you! and what did you do, you didn't seem to interest on it at all, if Sho didn't mention about Koro-sensei mascot then you probably wouldn't even told me to do the voice for him. I thought you would run and Jump or maybe hug him, but no! you didn’t! all you do just hmmmppp..” Nino monologue muffled by Jun hand.

“Sssstttt! Now can you let me speak?” Jun said softly, and it successfully make the man going silent. “Sorry, I really mean it, I’m sorry for everything that I didn't do. But please hear my reason too, why I didn't even seem to interest on it because my head too occupied with you, because you weren't there in our green room before the shooting begin and I already miss you back then, and when the shooting begin Sho asked Riida what it felt like when you are not beside him, and it made me jealous because he should have ask me how it feels like when you are not with us. So yes if Sho didn't mention about the mascot I wouldn’t have realise it was there, because all that I can see was you looking wonderfully great in the opposite team.” Jun moved his hand to stroke the man cheek softly and Nino unconsciously lean back to his hand, “I just can’t take my eyes from you to realise that there Koro-sensei mascot on the back of the line. I’m sorry if it hurt you, I’m really sorry. Forgive me please”

“Baka!” Nino said with red face and make Jun chuckled.

“Thank you for forgiving me.” Jun whispered and lean down slowly.

“Who said I forgive you? You- hhmmpp” for the second time that day Nino’s words being cut but this time by Jun’s lips. Jun smirk to their kiss and easily slip his tongue inside the other man when Nino kiss him back eagerly,

“And you know?” Jun said after some long kisses session.

“Un?” was all Nino can said in his daze state.

“Even if I do realise that Koro-sensei mascot in your team, I will still acted the same.” Jun said and continue when Nino opening his mouth ready for another argument. “Because, who need mascot when I have the real thing with me.” Jun smirked, “But I really grateful for what you had done for me, and tonight I show you how gratitude I am” Jun said while his hand lost under the blanket to touch his lover skin to skin, made the gamer moan. Tomorrow morning job can go to hell, because right now he need to show his love and his gratitude to his lover, yes it will be a long night for them, and Jun can’t wait to start it.


Hope this is OK, comment are very welcome <3

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I love this fanfic so much! Everything in it is what I need XD
I love non-AU fic, especially those that based on real thing XD
Nino is ao cute! We can see they love each other so much, how Nino went all the way to make Jun happy withthe mascot and how Jun only had his eyes on Nino
It's so sweet and fluffy!!!
Thank yoi so much for writing and sharing!

they show their love in their own way, that maybe what make them fight over silly thing sometimes XD

thank you so much for your lovely comment dear <3

cute!! can't stop smiling~
thank you for sharing <3

thank you for commenting
glad you like it <3

Yes, Nino is definitely cuter than any mascot. Lucky Jun.
Thank you for this cute fic.

yaps, no mascot was cuter than Nino, Jun is really lucky to have his own mascot ne~

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

Ohhhh I loved that one :) thanks so much for sharing it.
I am glad that Nino forgave Jun :P

actually Jun gave nino no option than to forgive him, lol, of course with some 'treat' after

thank you so much for reading and commenting dear <3

Waaaa! You update!
#will read this after finish my class, hehe...

hi dozou yumi-chan XD

aku pikir yumi_usagi yg d atas komen itu yumi-chan..ternyata salah xixixi

Hihi... sorry, Rii-nee san, but this one is real me. And I just have a chance to read it now. I'm sorry....

Well, who need the mascot when Jun have the real one. And I love how Jun explain the reason for Nino, and also how he shut Nino's mouth. Kyuuuu~ that's cute..

daijoubu desu yo yumi-chan XD

un they had their own reason, glad they both talk about it before it turn into useless fight, lol

yaps trying to write something more than just PG, but i don't know, i'm not sure enough for it

and thank you for reading dearest <3

aww this fic is cuteee. finally ninoxjun with korosenseeii
somehow i feel like nino too!!
i wonder why jun not so excited like usual when he saw mascot ne
thank for sharing this :)

ps: i have korosensei stuffed doll too x3

un when I see the preview, I guess Jun will suddenly jump and hug the mascot, or at least play with it when he thought the other didn't see him, but no such interaction, in fact Jun look a bit lost without his bratty partner, so my mind create this story xixixi

glad you like it XD

ps : oh maybe we can take a twin picture with our mascot <3

hahaaha ne~ maybe for jun nino is too much cute than korosensei :3 /even i love korosensei too XD

ps: mine in not original tho. it made up since way cheaper and big lol XD
this is my korocchiiiii :3

no mascot was cuter than his Nino <3

huaaa your doll really cute XD <3333

ahahhaa nino and korosensei are cutest thingssssss <3
yellow. and CUTE

yaps yellow x nino x korosensei is perfect XD #biased

Thanks so much for sharing this <3
It's so cute and fluffy <3 They are both so cute! ♥

yes Matsumiya is really cute pairing <3

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

The cutest thing!!!
I alsobelieves Jun gets completely at a loss without his Nino and this is soooooooo cute!!!

yes, since the beginning Jun focus seem out of place, he even gave late reaction to Sho's question, and he didn't even said a word except "um" in the opening, but his face look brighter when the opponent team was come..

thank you so much for reading and commenting dear <3 glad you like it

Oh my, this is so so so and so much cute . . . My Matsumiya Heart melted just like burned candle <3
I really love matsumiya, there's rare fic with matsumiya pair, so this is precious fic for me
Thank you ^_^

it had quite large of fluff dosage ne~

and thank you so much for reading and commenting, I'll tried my best to write another matsumiya *because the pair was sending code in silent so we sometimes missed the sign*

Awwww it's so fluff~
Really love it <33
Thank you for this xD

because they in loves-dovey mood XD

thank you so much for reading and commenting dear <3

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