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its Fuu-chan and I'm happy
just watching the latest Arashi ni shiyagare (14.05.16) where Fuma from SZ come to Ohno session, and Ohchan decide to called him Fuu-chan..I know it wasnt my Fuu-chan but I felt happy hearing Ohno said Fuuchan <3, papa love his daughter ne~

so yes its FUU-CHAN AND I'M HAPPY \(^O^)/

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And why I still can't find the link?!
Ouh... dailymotion~ TT---TT

And~ papa really love Fuu-chan! Hehehe..

Edited at 2016-05-16 05:05 am (UTC)

yap papa really love futon ne..lololo..

i'm so happy

hahahahaha kaaaa anak ohmiya adalah nyataaaa xD

yes yes yes yes night but, she is realllllll (or he?) XD

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