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sakuraiba - Under's Color
Title : Sakuraiba - Under's Color
Pairing : SakuraIba
Rating : PG (un-beta-ed)
Length : Drabble
Disclaimer : Finally my copy of I see / Daylight was arrived <3
Author Note : This based on silly conversation when I had sleep over with my arashian friends, Based on 5 x 10 concert where AIba wearing all red and on the other hand Sho wear green jacket and green tshirt, which is just scream Sakuraiba from all over the place, so here it is. Dedicated to beloved lianoyume and shimau thank you for the great night dear

The music started and barred even trough out to the back stage where Sho waiting for his time to appear, while counting silently in his mind until the time that he should appear at the second verse just right after the junior finished their dancing part. Busy with his own mind he didn't realise that there a certain member tip toeing behind him. He startled when he felt his back pants was being pull by someone.

“Wha—“ Sho scream out loud, luckily the mic hasn't turn on yet or the audience will hear his like-a-gril-kind-of-scream. Who turn around as fast as his body can take him while holding his pants tightly with both hand, stopping every possibility for the culprit to pull his pants some more. He found himself face to face with grinning Aiba. “Aiba-chan what?” He said in questioning tone.

“I just want to check if you wear green pants too.” Aiba said simply like it was something normal for him to do such a thing, Sho took a step backward when he see that Aiba once again pull out his hand and directed it to his pants, and his sudden movement bring out a cute pout in his lover lips.

“And whats the point in that?” Sho said just stating the truth trying to put some logic in the man brain.

“But you wear all green, like I wear all red for my solo” Aiba huffed.

“Yeah, but you didn't wear red underwear too right?” Sho said and get distract when his lover grinning again to him “Dont said that—“

“I wear it!” Aiba stated cheerfully and suddenly pull down his pants, showing a red flashing underwear to Sho eyes. Who immediately shut his eyes (no, not because he didn't want to see it, it was a delightful scenery to see, but he afraid of the effect that it can bring to him). But Aiba seeing this as and opening invitation from the older man to take a look at his underwear, and he wont turn down such a tempting invitation. He reach out his hand and successfully pulling down the said pants even just of bit but it enough for him to see a glimpse of light green underwear that the older man wear.

“Aiba-chan stop!” Sho shouted, he opening his eyes to see a glad smile on the handsome face, knowing that Aiba already see what he looking for. The man will definitely jooke about it sometime later, he just only can hope that Aiba could shut his mouth out from the other member.

Aiba still smiling when he turn Sho around and pushed the man softly nearing the curtain. “Wha—“ he said dumbly.

“Your turn.” Aiba said before he turn around himself and leaving Sho alone trying to remember where he were and what should he do.


so how was it?, hope this is ok
comment are very welcome <3

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Oh I liked that :D Aiba is so persistent, I love that <3

Thanks for sharing this

Yaps nothing can hold Aiba if he got

Thank you for reading and commenting <3

Uwaaah! You update!
And his is more than okay. Briliant!
It caused by an underwear? Oh... Aiba, you always have your way for Sho, nee... hihihihi....

Finally i beat the laziness (just for a while though) and abke to copy paste this

Sorry for a long awaiting time..i do remember my promise to post 2 fic few days ago..but i justttt soooo sorry for that (and still no ohmiya -___-" sorry again)

Yaps all started by a simple underwear..but anything could be some thing more if it onvolved

Thabk you as always dear <33

Poor Sho won't know what to do with himself after that ☺

un he lost in AIba's red underwear, lol

thank you for reading and commenting <3

Haha, they are so cute :D Aiba just knows how to get what he wants :D

Thanks so much for sharing this!

yaps it not alba if he didn't get what he wanted, lol

by the way, gunboat with your matsumiya fic, I love it <3

thank you so much for reading and commenting

funny Aiba doing that to Sho ^^
thank you for sharing this

AB gata will always be AB data, xixixi

thank you so much for reading dear <3

Again, I read it on giggle <3 really love this fic. Thank you for sharing!

arigatou my first reader <3

thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

lol Aiba XD
such a persistent he is XD

Hahahah, there's no stopping Aiba when he wants something, I guess xD Poor Sho xD

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