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xxx-kun to xxx-chan series : Fuu-chan's Monthly Grocery Shopping
Tittle : xxx-kun to xxx-chan series : Fuu-chan's Monthly Grocery Shopping
Pairing : Ohmiya, Ohmiya x OC, Uncle Aiba x OC
Rating : PG-13, Humour, Slight R (?)
Length : Drabble
Warning : un-beta, major grammar mistake
Author Note : another one from my april NANOCAMP, inspired by my own personal Fuu-chan, lol, I mean by my niece and her personal trolley, and also the boxes of tissue.

“Fuu-chan do you want some chocolate?” Aiba asked enthusiastically calling the girl while waving some packed of chocolate biscuit in the air.

“Yes Uncle Aiba” Fuu-chan eyes shine looking at her favourite snack and run to where Uncle Aiba is standing, pushing her own cute little trolley. She just got the trolley from Uncle Jun, a trolley with purple colour basket and pink grip and with small green tires and yellow rods to attach the tires to the basket (‘because your daddy will kill me if I bought you something without yellow or blue on it’ if she remember that was her Uncle said when he hand her the trolley).

“Here you go” Aiba gave her the chocolate and smiling softly when he watch Fuu-chan put it carefully in her trolley. “How much do you want?”

“For Niichan too, two!” Fuu-chan said happily and showing five of her little finger.

“Ok then this another one for San-niichan” Aiba took another chocolate and put it on the trolley but shocked when the little girl suddenly scream.

“Noooo! Not there!!” Fuu-chan scream and grab the chocolate from Aiba's freeze hand. “Next to my chocolate” She said again and put the other chocolate nicely right next to the first one, before she gave a satisfaction smile like she had been doing something really amazing. But Aiba did impress, its Aiba of course, even a drop of water hanging from the edge of the leaf can make him excited.

“Wow Fuu-chan you really are great” Aiba grin and stroke the child nice ponytail hair who gave a little shade of pink in her cheeks. Aiba realised that they attract audiences and that make he grin wider. In fact Fuu-chan and her little trolley already attract attention from almost everyone that passed them. Some giggling in awe and some even telling him that he had a cute beautiful daughter, and Aiba didn’t even bother to corrected them that she wasn’t his daughter.

“Is that all?” Aiba said watching the trolley that already full with many kind of snack until some of it already threaten to fall out the basket.

“Ummm” Fuuchan thinking while looking vast the snacks, candies, chocolates, cereals, and even a bow of her favourite porridge. “Un that is it” She said smiling.

“Ok then, lets pay it” Aiba motion the girl to walk to the cashier. He knew that there will be some argument or even one sided scream or glaring with Nino when he found out that he bought Fuu-chan so many snacks, but he just cant help it because who can resist to spoiled the girl.

“Done your shopping little princes?” the nice middle aged shop attendance asked her, make Fuu-chan hide behind Aiba's leg, because the little girl always feel embarrassed when some stranger talk to her, but she still nodded her answer, make the cashier chuckled. “A cute daughter you have” she said and Aiba just give his smile in return.

In the middle of the counting, Fuu-chan scream once again. “Ah, tissue!! Can I buy tissue too?”

“Of course you may. Go get it, it just right there behind you” Aiba pointing at some track behind them, and the girl run out to take three pack of small tissue, and gave it to Aiba. “What for all of this tissue?” Aiba asked in curiosity.

“Because Daddy and Papa used them all and run out of them.” Fuu-chan directly answer, make Aiba turn his head to the girl direction.

“How could you know it?” Aiba asked in horror, already picturing on what purpose the pair using it.

“Yesterday when I wake up in the middle of the night to get some drink, I heard daddy and papa scream together and then after that I heard Daddy whined said that they don’t have another tissue left and he didn’t like sleep in sticky.” Fuu-chan answer with all the kid innocent, feeling nothing wrong with her words or, for exact, her parent words. And also didn’t realise that Aiba's face already turn red. “So why not I bought it for Daddy so he don’t have to sleep in sticky.” She ended her word with a proud smile.

Aiba only able to gapped, until the shop attendance giving little giggle. “Really a nice daughter you had there, Papa” she said with mischievous wink.

And all Aiba can do was lowered his head in shame regretting why he didn’t said that she wasn’t his daughter, but it was too late now.


I hope this is OK ^^ comment are very welcome <3

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How i miss her~

Iinee uncle aiba...
She can make you embarassed in one go! As expected from nino's...
I can picture it and its soo cuute...

Be carefull when you go shop with you your own son uncle aiba...

Arigatou nee-chan, for making this...

Nyahahaha! This is hilariously cute!!~ Bwahahaha Aiba-chan!~ 💚💚💚 will you still claim her as your daughter after that incident? Hahaha

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... XD
Ouh, god~ why fuu-chan is so cuuuteeee... well, she didn't know what happend afterall with her parent. (Aiba-san should tell ohmiya to be careful next time) hihi...
Poor uncle Aiba. He should said that little princess is not his daughter from the first. Hihi.. i know how you feel, Aiba-san *pats him*

Thank you for sharing funny and cute fuu-chan and Aiba-shi. ^ - ^

lol Aiba XD what a nice 'daughter' you have there XD seriously, Ohmiya need to make their room soundproof. it's not good for their children XD

thank you so much for writing this XD

HAHAHAHAHAHA that's why you should have said it soon. If Nino knows of this, he probably would laugh his ass off well before blushing first. XD

Lol... Aiba get a karma for claiming Ohmiya's child XD omg Nino and Ohno should be careful, they have children in the house, gosh.... And Fuu-chan,, her parents (and the rest of arashi) will surely have a trouble to tell her to keep it as a secret since she'll surely ask them 'why?',, lol XD

Edited at 2016-07-09 10:09 am (UTC)

Read it in the mid of work, my officmate-mate asked me "what's up?" I was grinning from ear to ear.

It's so lovely.
Hope you will continue it, i think i can't get enough of ohmiya family :))

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