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xxx-kun to xxx-chan series : San-kun's Competition
Title : xxx-kun to xxx-chan series : San-kun's Competition
Pairing : Ohmiya, Ohmiya x child OC, OTP5
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : still waiting for my Japonism goods to come ^^
Length : one shot
Warning : un-beta, major mistake at grammar
Author Note : I'm back ^^ this is one of my story for april Nanocamp, based on feb prompt by yumn_yumi 'what if San-kun failed in his exams or some event/contest/competition and he become gloomy. And of course his parents want his cheerful back', sorry dear it take months for me to write this, hope you like the story.

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Im sick..thank God for it since it was a reminder if how expensive healthness is..

Im sick..and where am i now?..nope not on somenice bed with fluffy blanket..but im at work doing my job and my 48 hours shift..because this was part of may vows that i said back then and i will follow it for eternity..

Im sick..and all i can do was pray that my body was had enough strength to pass this 2 days..

[Random Blabbering] - Welcoming May
it already may yeayyy...the long april finally passed and I'm done with my task yeay yeay yeay

PS : no, its not a writing contest, I'm not that good to win a writing contest, it just a camp where we set our own target, and for this season, I put 20.000 words as my target <3 and I've did yeayy

20.000 words devided in to 9 and half stories which most of them (if not all) was lame and I had to re-read them all again before I post them here (or maybe I wont post them at all)

last year i did it at 23rd, this year I finished at 28th, well blame on the trip, lol XD

but what ever it is, welcome May <3 yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Random blabbering : mid April
it already mid april, and I'm half way doing my project, which is not as i planed it to be but at least I keep count my word, lol

despite doing the abandoned one, I'm do the new one (or new 7th one, lol), but now i running out of idea and decide to maybe start looking at the abandoned one.

well just wish me luck <3

xxx-kun to xxx-chan series : The Moon
title : xxx-kun to xxx-chan series : The Moon
Pairing : Ohmiya x OC, Sakuraiba
Length : drabble
Genre : failed crack, friendship
Rating : PG
Warning : un-beta with many error
Disclaimer : Still waiting for I Seek / Daylight release date <3
Author Note : This one inspired by my niece, and the song was from one of my country child song. Dedicated to yumn_yumi sorry dear i havent write your promt, ao this one as a subtitute XD, hope you dont mind. As always thank a lot for my first reader shimau, ganbaree for this month.

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Hope this is ok, comment are very welcome <3

nb : this fic aslo mark my leave from posting ff, so see you when i see you, lol XD

Random Blabbering
Have you see nino-san vtr when Ohchan will be another MC?... it just ASSKDJAKSDHAJKHKFKFJADKLFJBASDFASDFBAFBAFBAFBAKFB all i can do was just screaming and shouting and smiling and grinning like idiot for a whole day, and the fact that i'm still on my shift make it worst because i just cant keep the happiness inside of me, lol XD

cant wait for the day it will be aired, a full episode with ohmiya love coming from every corner <333

oh and i just want to informed that i wont be posting any fic for full a month (or maybe more) and it not that someone waiting for my fic but well just in case, lol

so thats it for today random blabbering, jyaaa nee~

random blabbering
i'm tired, i'm tired, i'm tired and i'm tired

seem like i'm in a bad mood for few days, these week 48 hours shift not making it better, got a muscle sprain on my right hand and it felt like hell when i'm writing (which i still have to do for full 14 pages) and all i wanna do was just crying from the pain and from the tiredness, i'm tired, i'm tired and i'm just tired from all of this..

and i'm realise that it will bring nothing good if i'm writing or having talk with someone in this kind of state..

Ohmiya - Banned

Title : Banned
Pairing : Ohmiya, Matsumiya, OTP5
Length : One Shot
Genre : slight angst (?), Romance
Rating : PG
Warning : un-beta, so many mistake at spelling and grammar
Disclaimer : I tried to have their single for 99,9 when the copy available ^o^
Author Note : This might be and might be not a continuation of the reason, as always greatest love for my first reader shimau for all the courage and also for nino1711azuki for giving this piece and ok. #hug you both#

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Ohmiya - Okaasan to Haha
Title : Okaasan to Haha
Pairing : Ohmiya, OTP5
Length : Drabble
Genre : PG, Slice of Life (?)
Warning : Un-beta and english is not my first language
Disclaimer : Non-uh just the idea, and some of their single
Author Note : This was the result of drained brain and body, dedicated for my first reader shimau and my troops nino1711azuki (thank for give an ok to the story) zhanisa and jigokushojo, special for dear yumn_yumi sorry it not xxx-series dear *deep bow*.

Authore note : Happy birthday to my lovely nephew and my muse to almost all my xxx-series, i post this for your birthday dear (even tough she cant read yet) ^^

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matsumiya - Cliff Climb
Tittle : Cliff Climb
Pairing : MatsuMiya
Length : One Shot (it supposed to be drabble but...*sigh)
Genre : PG
Warning : Un-beta
Disclaimer : nope, never was and never will be mine
Author note : This started with line chat with dear an_jung when she asked why Matsumiya never seem to cliff climb together, then the idea of "same line but different pair" pop up, so this is my part ^^, hope this is ok, you can take a look on ohmiya pair version over here. This is my first time making J and Nino as lover XD

Author Note : This supposed to happend when they filming the 2014.11.27 episode of VSA

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